Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Connect with Us

There are myriad ways to connect with the "Best Kept Secret in Nashville," MNPS Virtual School. I'm going to bullet them in here so that you can always have a place to go.

Well, you sort of already do. Our website at has been described from above as "the best school website in Metro Nashville Public Schools." We are proud of that, in part because we know that there are some very good ones; but also because we have put hours and hours of hard work into making it so.

Many ways to connect are linked in our footer bar. There's Facebook, Twitter, our bi-monthly newsletter, and that last link in the row of four shares our weekly Literacy Focus.  These last are Prezis created by the capable Mr. Michael Terry, v-Learning Support Specialist and v-Lead Teacher. We are very soon rolling out the Live Chat feature where that right-hand footer icon will take you. 

Another initiative we are rolling out soon involves 3D Virtual Environments, in particular an OpenSimulator virtual "island" hosted by Kitely. In this environment, students and teachers can meet with voice capability, text chat archive, and image display options. They can also build projects demonstrating concepts they've learned in their courses. Break-out chat islands are connected to individual open-air classroom platforms and there's a "sandbox" rimmed with displays about how to best learn to use this new "place." 

As we roll this out over the next few months, I'll share here about how it's going. There will be pictures, and perhaps even machinima! If you're brave enough to venture forth to the public copy of the space, updated as improvements are made to our private world, you can see it at .

Here's a snapshot:

Meanwhile, connect! Even dropping by our beautiful Thomas W. Hatfield Student Success Center at 4805 Park Avenue, up on the 3rd floor, would be great. Though we're busy busy busy someone will always take a few minutes to show you around. See you soon!

Scott Merrick, v-Learning Support Specialist, v-Lead Teacher, and Academies Coach